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Why a reliable, fast-response maintenance contract could be the single, most important decision you make today in your business

3 things your support contract should do for you (and why some contracts don’t work)

1. Keep it profitable and choose the level of support YOU need

Match your contract to the number of computers you have and the level of expertise you need. At Falcon IT you can choose from our Bronze, Silver or Gold support services.

2. Make sure your contract covers phone calls

There’s nothing more frustrating that having an IT problem and not knowing who to call. It may be a simple question like, “How do I stop the printer wasting ink by printing a test page every time I turn it on?” or “How do I stop our email autoresponder replying to spam?” or “How do I know that our backups are really backing up – and what if I want to restore just one single file right now?”. Or you may have a more complex question. You might not feel comfortable calling your IT hardware person, but it’s the answers to these questions that can often make the biggest difference to your team achieving what you need to achieve. Always check that you’re covered for phone calls.

3. Choose an IT company you can get along with

Warning! If your IT engineer starts talking gibberish about packets and patches, athlons and architecture, worms and winsocks, and seems to be backwards compatible with error messages (and is quite probably also getting his dongles mixed up with his drivers), be careful. It won’t just be the motherboard who’s bored! You probably don’t want to know all that. If you’d prefer to keep things simple, and breathe a huge sigh of relief, call Rod Cox today on 01908 519040. (If you do want to know all that though, and if it helps you manage your IT in the future, we’ll tell you all about it.)

Enjoy comprehensive, expert support for your business IT. Find out about out Gold, Silver and Bronze cover.


For pricing information and advice call Falcon IT Limited on 01908 519040 or send us an email.