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Struggling to talk to your IT company?

“Our server went down and left us unable to transact any business. This was potentially very serious. Falcon IT were here within two hours and got us back up and running again with minimal impact on our financial performance. If we’d had to wait longer we’d have lost credibility with our newest customers. Having Falcon is very reassuring and means we don’t have to think about IT – we can just get on with things.”

5 brilliant reasons to choose Falcon IT

  1. Because we guarantee that someone will always be available for you
  2. Because we help you use less of your time and budget on IT maintenance
  3. Because we can answer 101 different questions on the phone
  4. Because we help with hardware AND software problems
  5. Because we come out quickly in an emergency

Are your IT questions driving you crazy?

There’s often a better way of doing things. If you need help with PC problems, simply call Falcon IT today on 01908 519040. If we can’t answer your question over the phone, we’ll come in and help you on-site.

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For pricing information and advice call Falcon IT Limited on 01908 519040 or send us an email.