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Are you still doing manual backups – and still storing them on-site?

Broadband now makes backing up a breeze

With most standard backup systems you have to invest in expensive software, tapes, memory sticks or external USB drives. Plus, you may have your files backed up, but what about your emails?

TouchPoint is a secure online backup service that automatically backs up everything and stores it far away from your office. And all you need is a Broadband (ADSL) connection to the Internet.

It works on a single laptop or desktop PC, or with larger systems and networks, MicroSoft Exchange, SQL Server and many more.

There’s no need for you to do ANYTHING

Your business is only as good as your last data backup. If you store your current backups on-site – or keep extra data on your laptop – you’re entirely exposed to the risks of theft, fire, flood or your system crashing

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Are your current backups really backing up? We’ll do a FREE backup and restore test for you at your premises. There’s no obligation on your part. Call us on 01908 519040 or email us now – and be sure.

And if you do decide to switch to TouchPoint, you enjoy easy, cost-effective and timely backups from just £12.50 per month per gigabyte. (That’s about 40,000 pages of Word!) Contact us now.

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For pricing information and advice call Falcon IT Limited on 01908 519040 or send us an email.