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Email Anti-Virus Protection

Stop spam email now with powerful Mailwall technology


What if you checked your emails… and there was no spam?

If you’re a small business, you probably buy antispam and antivirus software to load onto your system. You may feel like you’re in control doing this, but a virus will still be downloaded into your inbox before the software can open an email and interrogate the file.


You’re relying on a daily software update to block new viruses that can start at any time of day or night. Plus, it slows down your computer.


So, if you’re fed up with the time it takes to load, manage and update antivirus software, here’s some great news…


Mailwall Remote stops spam and virus-infected emails before they even reach your PC. Viruses, worms, malicious macros, offensive content, general spam – they’re all dealt with offsite.


Why use Mailwall Remote?

It’s easy, it’s fully-managed and it keeps your computer free from attack. And because there’s no minimum number of licences to buy, it works for single users as well as multiple email accounts.



Call 07976122061 today or email us now for your 30-day FREE trial.


How does it work?

Your mail is routed through one of Mailwall’s secure mail relays and then screened for viruses and content according to your parameters. We set this up through the Mailwall web-based interface. It means you can review quarantined messages and access detailed usage reports.


Mailwall systematically virus-checks every email, and the team of programmers, engineers and security experts continuously re-evaluate the level of current threats to maintain up-to-the-minute protection.


There’s no need for you to buy any new hardware or software, and you don’t need to change anything that’s already set up on your network infrastructure.


Is it secure?


The system guarantees 99.99% service availability. It does this by mirroring the secure mail relays with prime backbone sites kept with multiple Internet Service Providers. The systems are located in high-security buildings with access control, power backup and fire suppression systems.


Because we protect many organisations and shield thousands of users, we can offer the service at low cost, which saves you money. You have no operational issues or hidden expenses usually associated with implementing email security and the associated hardware, software or anti-virus licenses.


All you need is your own domain name!


What does it cost?

An annual licence for a typical antispam and antivirus software package for a single PC is usually around £40-£45 – but, for that, you have to install and manage it yourself.


The Mailwall service offers you far more benefits and greater protection – plus, it’s fully-managed and we implement the service for you free of charge.


Single email address:      £1.80 a week                                 £96.30 per annum

2-5 users:                       £1.50 per user per week                 £78 per user per annum

5-10 users:                     £1.00 per user per week                 £52 per user per annum

10 users and above:        £0.75 per user per week                 £39 per user per annum


People who’ve already decided to use Mailwall agree that it saves them time and money and gives them far greater peace of mind.


Try it FREE now

If you have email, you need Mailwall. Call 07976122061 today or email us now for your 30-day FREE trial – and enjoy spam-free email!


For pricing information and advice call Falcon IT Limited on 01908 519040 or send us an email.