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Ask us about automatic, instant backups

How do you know that the files you backed up yesterday are really there? And can you retrieve just one file – right now – if you need to?

Enjoy secure, automatic, off-site, instant-access backups – that take up none of your time – from just £12.50 per month. Find out more.

How can you resolve ALL your IT problems – including the ones that haven’t happened yet?

With help from Falcon IT you can:

You can have the most amazing hardware and the most powerful software installed, but if you can’t get answers to the questions that naturally arise while you’re using your computer systems, you lose time and money. Very often you have nowhere to turn.

If you’re a senior manager focused on your targets and your deadlines, you’re not going to welcome the distraction.

Discover this one secret ingredient that will put you in a position of greater power in your day-to-day work

Simply sign up for regular help and advice with a computer support maintenance contract from Falcon IT

What’s new?

Well, since you ask…

Book a FREE audit of your computer systems! Call us on 01908 519040 or email us . There are no strings. Within a couple of days you’ll know what’s working well and what might need attention.
(Of course, we’d love to help you out on a regular basis, too, but it’s not a condition of the offer. So make the most of it!)

Your problem’s solved with our fast-response support

We want you to take us for granted! Why? Because you can. Find out more

Take a look at what our clients say.

For pricing information and advice call Falcon IT Limited on 01908 519040 or send us an email.